Homemade chilli oil

One of the challenges of cooking for kids is balancing their slightly more sensitive palates with your desire for a meal that packs a punch. I try to add a tiny bit of chilli to the toddlers food so he gets used to it, but sometimes we need a bit more of a kick. That's where chilli oil comes in. It adds a much more subtle spice to a finished meal than simply sprinkling over chilli flakes.

I'm just going to share the method, because the quantities are up to you! Use less or more chilli to taste! I usually mix 2 tsp chilli flakes to 300ml oil.


Add olive oil and chilli flakes into a pan and heat over the lowest possible temperature for 5 mins, stirring occasionally.

Leave to cool (this is important - if you pour hot oil into a cold bottle it could crack). Use a jug or funnel to pour the oil into a clean resealable bottle. And that's it! Will keep for months.